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RSOP Outdoor Activities (Programs) Presents


4/23/18, 5:00 PM

About this event

Diamond Willow walking sticks have a long tradition in the northland and we will be taking the “step” to learn how they are made. In this workshop, we’ll actually go out to a local area to learn what to look for in nding a willow stick that will have a diamond pattern. Then everyone will
get to harvest one or more for themselves and bring it back to the working area and begin the process of peeling, shaping, and carving. You actually get to leave with your own walking stick.
Register By: Noon, April 22
We Provide: Instruction, Knives, Walking Sticks
You Provide: Knife and Walking Stick (If You Have One)
Meet: Bagley Nature Area Classroom Cost: $10 UMD Students/ $15 Other

Phone: 218-726-7128
Email: rsop@d.umn.edu
Website: www.umdrsop.org
Stop by: 153 Sports and Health Center  
Event Location
  • UMD Campus
  • 1216 Ordean Court
  • Duluth MN
  • USA - United States