Respectful Workplace Workshop - It Starts With You!!

Date: 10/01/2013

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Griggs Center Kirby Student Center (KSC)

Cost: Free



There is a growing concern about how people treat each other in the workplace. We face rapid organizational change, work and life imbalance, new technologies and less civil interactions. These vents create a need for discussion about what is appropriate behavior in the workplace. Come learn how to create a respectful workplace environment and a more welcome campus community!

Presentation, DVD and Discussion.


1.  Increase your understanding of what constitutes disrespectful behavior.

2.  Increase your understanding of the impact of disrespectful behavior.

3.  Identify your role and responsibility in creating and maintaining a respectful workplace.

4.  Learn tools for maintaining a welcoming work environment. 

Facilitators will be Mary Cameron; Associate Director of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity and Joie Acheson Lee; Ass't Department Director of Kirby Student Center

This session will be held in the Griggs Center, KSC and is open to all Faculty and Staff

Please click on link to register: 




  • Name: Deb Herstad
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 218-726-7202
  • Sponsored by: Duluth-Human Resources

Disability Options:

To request disability accommodations, please contact Deb Herstad, UMD Human Resources and Equal Opportunity @ or 726-7202.

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